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In today's job market people are finding themselves struggling to stand out and secure interviews.  At Resumes4U, we combine our 20+ years of progressive experience in the Human Resources field, and put it to work for you.  Who better to write your resume, cover letter, and other critical documents than a team that has managed staffing functions, conducted interviews, made hiring decisions and taught candidates how to interview for Fortune 500 Companies?

 We will tailor your resume for that specific job, or with your career goals in mind.

 We are Professional Resume Writers that will work with you to create a successful and powerful resume.  We never use cookie cutter programs or templates.  A unique and professionally written resume is essential to compete in today's economy. 

 Our resumes are written in a clear and concise format comprised of a proper balance of job description, personal accomplishments and contributions.  Your resume should capture the attention of the Human Resources Manager in 10-15 seconds.  This is why it is important to include critical information, but it is just as significant to exclude unnecessary repetitive verbiage and inconsistent formatting.    


KEYWORDS: Employers are increasingly relying on keyword-searchable databases and software that  search for specific keywords in a resume.  Most Fortune 500  Companies, use these methods to weed out their job candidates.  Please remember that not all "keywords" are created equal, and is very important to match them to your specific career objective and past work experience.  Choosing the right kind of keywords and phrases to target your particular industry, is a must in today's job market. 


GOVERNMENT RESUMES: We also specialize in government/federal resumes, and combining your experience with keywords that will be recognized when your resume is scanned through a company's Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  These keywords are essential in Resumix format development for Army, AFPC, Quick Hire and USAJOBS online application systems.  KSA's (Knowledge, Skill, Ability) and ECQ's (Executive Core Qualifications) creation and development are also a service that we provide.    

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